SEMICAPS Laser Time Probe (LTP) uses a laser to contactlessly probe for waveforms in the internal gates of an integrated circuit (IC).  This design-debug technique enables the engineer to locate points within the die where the waveforms begin to become defective.  The system can also measure waveform timings and delays to ensure that these are within the IC design specifications.

It is known that the reflected laser light from a node in the die is modulated by the changes caused by a current in that node. These changes will be in accordance with the time variation of the electrical signal flowing through the node.  Since these variations are contained within the reflected laser, we can extract the waveforms of the ICís internal electrical signals by careful processing.

A low-noise, high-bandwidth detector and circuitry are needed.  For best result a superior optical path for high throughput, highly sensitive laser detector, a small laser spot size and a very stable platform are required.  SEMICAPS has designed in all these factors into our LTP and bring you the best in the world performance.

The SEMICAPS LTP is compatible with third party navigation software.  The instrument may be purchased in a variety of configurations.


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