SEMICAPS Imaging system received its first Gold award from IE
1991 Highly successful SEMICAPS 1000 Imaging system for DOS was launched
1991 SEMICAPS Inc was set up in Silicon Valley, USA
1993 SEMICAPS 4000 Imaging system for DOS was launched
1994 SEMICAPS established a Research & Development arm in Singapore Science Park for manufacturing failure analysis equipment
1994 SEMICAPS Genie Imaging system for WindowsTM was launched
1995 Spectroscopic Photon Emission Microscope SPEMS was introduced
1996 SEMICAPS CL300 system was launched
1996 SPEMS received the Innovators Award awarded by "The Institution of Engineers - Singapore (IES)" at the 4th IES Innovators Award
1996 SEM Stage system for controlling the specimen stage movements of an SEM was launched
1997 SPEMS 1000P series was launched
1998 SEMICAPS SEMSCOPE system for viewing the interior of an Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) specimen chamber was launched
1999 A new series of Cathodoluminescence (CL310) system was introduced
1999 Fully-automated SEMICAPS Photon Emission Microscope System, SPEMS 1100P, was launched at Integrated Reliability Physics Symposium 1999 held in San Diego, CA, USA