Multi-laser Capability
The standard SEMICAPS SOM system uses two near-IR lasers. The 1064nm laser is capable of efficient electron-hole pair generation through backside silicon while the 1340nm laser is a high resolution thermal probe which allows localized heating. The laser multiplexer provides seamless selection, attenuation and pulsing of the lasers. Additional laser can be integrated into the system.

High laser power delivery
The laser power on the device is greater than 30mW for all conventional long working distance objective

High resolution laser scan image resolution is up to 2048x2048. The spatial resolution is less than 0.75um for 1064nm laser using a conventional long working distance objective. Higher spatial resolution can be achieved using the Solid Immersion Lens (SIL) option or Diffractive Lens option

Multi-technique capability
The system is compatible with the following thermal stimulation techniques: OBIRCH, TIVA, SEI, TBIP, DReM, SDL-RIL, and the following carrier generation techniques: OBIC, SCOBIC, LIVA and LADA. The system is also upgradable for future laser induced techniques

TV-Rate camera for navigation
The system incorporates a TV-rate navigation camera for real-time backside imaging to complement the laser scan module

Multi-detector capability
The microscope module is custom designed to provide maximum flexibility for the optical components required for various detectors and sources. Optional detectors like Si-CCD, InGaAs, IREM, MCT and Laser Marker can be mounted on the system.

High resolution stage
The system comes with linear servo and linear encoder stages with 20nm resolution and repeatability better than 0.5um. The linear servo mechanism allows users to move the stages with minimal vibration

Proprietary laser induced signal digitization hardware
The system comes with a proprietary digitization hardware capable of providing the average, sum and string of values. The summing and averaging modules are capable of 1 million samples and more than 8000 string values

Flexible system configurations
SEMICAPS SOM is offered in various configurations: analytical, inverted analytical, upright and inverted tester docked models

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